Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Egyptian Researchers Are Ingeniously Crafting Plastic Bags Out of Shrimp Shells

A group of researchers are working with UK scientists to introduce biodegradable bags using shrimp shells, which also happen to be part of Egypt’s waste problem.

Staff Writer

With pollution and waste rampant in every corner of Egypt, Nile University academics are joining forces with scientists from the University of Nottingham in the UK to replace conventional oil-based plastic bags with a biodegradable alternative made up of shrimp shells. As shrimp shells also constitute part of Egypt’s waste dilemmas, this research is a two fold attempt to combat the country's waste problem.

Egyptian wetland streams are more often than not polluted with plastics and rubbish, impacting irrigation waters, drinking water and consequently, human health. Millions of Egyptians consume contaminated water from the Nile on a daily basis as a result of untreated industrial pollutants that seep into the country’s main drinking source.

Although in its development stage, the research team is using polymer found in shrimp shells to create the bags, which is not only useful for groceries but also to elongate the shelf life of food.