Friday December 8th, 2023
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Egyptian Salaries to rise 300%

A new study by HSBC projects a 300% increase in workers' salaries by 2050. We just hope we're still alive by then...

Staff Writer

Egypt's economy is set to rank among the world's best by the year 2050, boosting workers' salaries by 300%. HSBC's global research department predicts that our economy will boom over the next three decades jumping a whopping 15 places and breaking the global top 20.

The study claims that Egypt forms one of the 'fast-growth' countries which have made great progress in improving fundamental areas, including quick adoption of technology. HSBC also claim that Egypt is highly expected to continue the path towards long-term growth well beyond the 2050 mark. Meanwhile, the average Egyptian salary is expected to triple in the next 40 years spelling good news for struggling Egyptian families. However, the poll also predicted a population boost of almost 50% sparking fears of a strain on already sparce resources.

The results follows a similar study by HSBC last year, which ranked Egypt among the worst place in the world for expats.