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Egyptian Shops Who Haven't Increased Their Prices Get a Smiley Face Sticker!

The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency is basically doing the equivalent of your teacher sticking a star to your forehead every time you got an A.

Word on the street is, every store with a smiley face sticker is one that hasn't taken advantage of price hikes and committed to the designated prices on goods. According to Youm7 quoting the Consumer Protection Agency's director, Atef Yacoub, the gesture is to help both the consumer and the vendor.

The way it's set to work is first by evaluating all shops and, if they have obliged to the prices set by the government, they get a smiley face sticker. Once the customer sees the smiley face, they'll know that this particular store has fair prices – which will drive more buyers their way, eligibly making these shops more profit.

According to Yacoub, it's normal for economic conditions to cause increasing or decreasing prices, but it's not acceptable that particular vendors have gone overboard with their increases just to gain a few more pounds per each product.

As a result, this smiley face initiative – along with the 'A Day Without Buying' initiative which is supposed to take place on December 1st – is being kicked off by the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency in hopes of fighting 'greedy stores' and the methods they have been following to trick customers.