Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Sha3bola Gets Death Threats Over Anti-ISIS Tune

Shaabi pioneer Shaaban 'Sha3bola' Abdel Rahim has gone on record to state he has received death threats after releasing a scathing satirical song about ISIS.

Staff Writer

By now we are sure you are sick about hearing about ISIS, the insanely radical group of misguided vagabonds, hell bent on global domination. Fed up by the organisation is none other than iconic Egyptian Shaabi superstar Shaaban Abdel Rahim, who has written a new song making fun of the ISIS chief, resulting in numerous death threats.

Lyrically attacking Baghdadi, the self proclaimed “Emir” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militant group, Rahim's latest song holds no punches calling him the “Emir of criminals” while describing his followers as a “bunch of crazies.”

Considered one of the pioneers of Shaabi sound that is currently reaching beyond Egypt’s borders, Rahim latest song was featured on a talk show on Dream TV.

With the song spreading virally, Rahim began receiving a variety of death threats on social media and even received a call from a man who Abdel Rahim describes to Al Arabiya.Net spoke in a “Levantine accent” and threaten to “assassinate” him over his damning new tune.

Responding to the threat, Abdel Rahim tells Al that he “only fears God, and not Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ISIS] and I have done what satisfies my conscience. I faced Daesh with my word and song while they face their adversaries with decapitation and blood.”

Making a name for himself with his politically fueled lyrics, Abdel Rahim, makes it clear that he does not fear the group, and in writing this song and strongly standing behind, has proven that he considers ISIS nothing more than a paper tiger.