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Egyptian Travel Company Posts Ads Mocking EgyptAir Plane Hijacking

Egyptian travel company Lions Trips would like to 'kidnap you' to tourist destinations following the recent EgyptAir flight hijacking to Cyprus.

Lions Trips, an Egyptian travel company, made a potentially problematic PR decision of capitalising on yesterday’s EgyptAir plane hijacking. The company published a post saying, “book a trip to Hurghada with us on April 7th and you might get kidnapped and sent to Cyprus for just 180 LE. Plus, who knows? You might get lucky and end up in France or Italy.”  

احجز معانا رحلة للغردقة الخميس 7 ابريل وممكن تتخطف وتروح قبرص ب ١٨٠ ج بس 󾌴 ومين عارف يمكن الزهر يلعب وتروح فرنسا او ايطاليا 󾆶🏽

Posted by Lions trips on Tuesday, 29 March 2016


The above is the first of many such posts in which they spoofed the tragedy. Lions Trips even went as far as creating an event titled 'Get Kidnapped With Friends in Hurghada' to promote its upcoming trip, after which the page's administrators figured it would be a good idea to brag about the unwarranted attention they received by sharing a screenshot of an RT News story about their marketing gimmick. However, they apparently misinterpreted the author's words, saying the story was in fact praising Lions Trips for "supporting the tourism industry."

بعد الجريدة الانجليزية والالمانية والامريكية جريدة روسية شيرت بيدج لايونز وكاتبين اننا مبنضيعش وقت وبننشط السياحة #لايونز_يا_دولة

Posted by Lions trips on Tuesday, 29 March 2016


So while outrage is pouring forth in every direction over the British passenger's selfie stunt we're kind of wondering about Lions Trips' advertising technique and whether it was the best approach.
(Photo: AFP)