Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egyptians React to Israeli Prime Minister's Spokesman Searching for Mossad Recruits on Facebook

Netanyahu's Arabic spokesman, Ofir Gendelman, is searching for female recruits for the Mossad on Facebook and Egyptians have some snappy zingers for him!

Staff Writer

Egyptians React to Israeli Prime Minister's Spokesman Searching for Mossad Recruits on Facebook

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister's Arabic Media Spokesman Ofir Gendelman took to Facebook to announce vacancies at the Mossad for female spies and special agents. 

Loosely translated, the post goes: "Do you want to join the Mossad? The Israeli Intelligence Corps, widely known as the Mossad, is launching a recruitment campaign for female spies, intelligence-gathering and special operations officers, and it's on the search for women with strong personalities, the ability to work under unusual conditions, and the ability to lead people."

Gendelman was hit with an avalanche of comments from all over the Arab world, but Egyptians surely dominated the wisecrack thrash:

Did Nadia El-Gindy retire?!

Serious question: you mean Israeli girls, right? Don't tell me you're crazy enough to consider Egyptian girls. I would personally wish for that, it would be the end of your Mossad.

I watched Welad El Aam (The Cousins) 7 times, and I'm the most worthy of the job.

Don't you need a graphic designer? I have around 10 years of experience, and I can distort facts and make your people believe you've occupied Egypt. Female spies? Don't be crazy, they'll bring you down, you don't know our women. 

What's with the sexism? Even in the Mossad you only want women?

Let's be serious. Aren't the girls you'll recruit going to need someone to take photos of them while in bed with agents like we see in Nadia El-Gindy's movies? I'm a photographer, by the way. 

You have to consider that we're a conservative society, and we don't allow our women to work except in the absence of the family's provider, so the ad has to be directed at the men and not the women.