Monday 5 of December, 2022
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FJP Alexandrian HQ Burnt

Clashes between Tamarod campaigners and the Freedom & Justice Party came to a head last night in Alexandria...

Staff Writer

Tamarod campaigners were involved in violent clashes with the Freedom and Justice party (FJP) last night in Alexandria. Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members swarmed the campaigners who were collecting signatures near Mahatet El Raml, after emerging from a nearby mosque. Onlookers said that they were carrying guns and firing in the air. It seems that this aggressive action enraged the local citizens so much that thousands descended to the streets to protect the Tamarod campaigners, before heading to the FJP headquarters and setting it alight.

It is quite clear tensions are boiling over as we approach June30th and that people simply refuse to be intimidated by the Muslim Brotherhood.