Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Facebook to Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators

Monetising their video content, Facebook plans to introduce a 'Suggested Videos' feed in which content is interspersed with adverts - only 45% of the revenues of which will be kept by the social network giant.

Staff Writer

Facebook to Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators

We’re sure it wouldn’t really shock you if we told you that Facebook makes a lot of money. During the first quarter of this year they managed to rack in $3.3 billion and about 73% of that large money pile was thanks to mobile advertisements.

Because the company is making so much money, they have decided to start giving back to those who contribute to their income by paying the people who made all of those funny/motivational/fascinating videos we have spent hours watching, liking and sharing. They have announced they will launch a separate Suggested Videos feed that curates a sequence of clips, interspersed with adverts. Facebook plans to keep a base of 45% of the revenue from ads to themselves, no matter what, and give the rest to the content creators with more income the longer people stay viewing the video and of course, how many views it gets all together.

Facebook has said before that on the average day they manage to round up four BILLION views. With this movement it is no surprise that the social media giant is on a mission to monopolise the social media market as this poses a great threat to YouTube.