Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Faded Flags Face Fines

The latest and perhaps last decree by interim president Adly Mansour enforces some pretty harsh punishments on anyone who dishonours Egypt's flag or anthem.

Staff Writer

Egypt will soon inaugurate their latest president but before that happens Egypt's currently unelected interim president is looking to leave his mark before stepping down. As what will be one of his final decree, Adly Mansour has made it illegal to dishonour the national anthem or Egyptian flag.

Presidential spokesman Ihab Badawi told reporters the decree states that the national anthem and flag are "symbols of the state that must be respected and treated with veneration."

This latest decree isn't really a new law, but instead stiffens the penalty of a decree made late last year which set a maximum penalty of six months in prison and around 5000 LE in fines. The new decree changes the penalty to a maximum of one year imprisonment with up to a 30,000 LE fine. The decree also specifies that it is illegal to raise a torn flag, a flag with faded colours, or distorted design.

It is still unclear how faded a flag must be before fearing one's imprisonment.