Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Fake Egyptian Intelligence Officer Arrested for Trying to Steal Classified Data

An Egyptian man was arrested after walking into Asyut's government bureau and falsely claiming he was an Egyptian Intelligence Officer in need of classified data.

Staff Writer

An Egyptian man, claiming to belong to Egypt's General Intelligence, walked into Asyut's government bureau and demanded access to a classified file. The head of the bureau instantly suspected the man's false identity, informing intelligence and police authorities, El Arabiya reported Monday.

Before the police authorities arrived at the building the man tried to escape, provoking the bureau guard to chase him down and restrain him. Upon a quick search, police forces found a fraudulent ID card in his possession, leading to his arrest and referral for investigation.

The man's intention behind the scheme are still unknown, pending further investigation.

Pictures of the man before and during the arrest:

(Photos: Al Arabiya)