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Fears for 'Missing' Youths After Death March

The April 6 movement has released a statement claiming that more than 30 protesters were arrested during a protest last night, conflicting with the police claims that only four were arrested.

Questions have surfaced today regarding police arrests of April 6 activists in Cairo last night.

Members of the April 6 movement gathered in Boulaq El-Dakrour last night to mark the anniversary of the death of activist Ahmed El-Masry.

Police claim that they dispersed the protest near el-Masry's family home, arresting four activists. However a statement released by the group claims that more than 30 protesters were collared, prompting accusations of a police cover-up.

Activists are today desperately trying to locate the remaining group members, thought to be held in the Cairo area.

El-Masry was shot dead exactly one year ago while covering the police's dispersal of a Muslim Brotherhood protest in Giza's Mohandiseen.

The arrests come following the controversial protest law passed last November. The laws bans protests not given the green light by the government.