Monday December 11th, 2023
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Find Out Where You Really Stand

Don't know who to vote for? There's an app for that...

Staff Writer

Egypt is a country still very much divided ahead of its presidential election. There is those who gave up on Egypt and plan on boycotting, and there those who give a shit and are actually planning to vote. Those who choose to boycott are also divided into people who fear giving legitimacy to the June 30th popular coup, and those who don't care and would rather take the time to vacation. Boycotting conscientiously is not a bad idea, but unfortunately has never seemed to ever work here in Egypt, and will likely be yet another futile action that fails to yield any positive result.

As for those who are planning to vote, it is very difficult to know where to stand as candidates have been given only a month to campaign and explain how they would fix Egypt. Many already know who they will vote, but their choice is not a reflection of the candidates platform, but rather their ego.

If this election was actually based on what the candidates where saying, then the outcome would likely be a lot closer than reports suggest. The candidates are saying a lot of the same things with statements differing ever so slightly.

Realising this, Aswat Masriya have developed an app that helps identify which way you are leaning by simply clicking one of two statements made by the candidates, without knowing who said it. At the end of the quiz, the app breaks down what percentage of your opinion sides with Sisi and Sabahi.

Taking the quiz, it is almost impossible to distinguish who said what. So if you are planning to vote we strongly suggest you give it a try, and find out who words you trust, as opposed to whose face you trust.