Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Fire Engulfs Jewish Alley, Leaves Four Injured

Smoke was seen around downtown Cairo this morning as flames destroyed a four-storey building in Egypt's historic Jewish quarters.

Staff Writer

Fire Engulfs Jewish Alley, Leaves Four Injured

Early Sunday morning, a fire broke out in Haret el-Yahud (Jewish Alley), a commercial hub located off Gohar Al-Qaed Street, also known as El Moski Street, about 300 metres from the historical Moez Street in Gammaliya district.

Talking to Ahram Online, ambulance authority head Ahmed Al-Ansary explained that the fire left as many as four injured including a civilian and police officer who suffered from suffocation and were treated at the scene. The fire destroyed a four-storey building containing over a dozen shops. The blazing inferno required 16 fire trucks and two water tanks to bring the fire under control.

As it stands an Investigation has been launched, however no details have emerged on the cause of fire and arson is yet to be ruled out. Haret el-Yahud gained notoriety this year as it was the subject of a hit Ramadan series.