Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Five Unmissable Talks at Step Saudi 2021

Taking place on November 17th and 18th, this year's edition of the sweeping event is raising some very important disucssions areound the Saudi and MENA ecosystems

John Bichara

On November 17th and November 18th, Step Saudi gathers the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most exciting entrepreneurs and investors to educate, collaborate and inspire. With over 100 startups and 1,500 attendees, Step Saudi has set up an extensive programme of talks detailing the issues and ideas concerning the industry today. Here is but a sample of what we have to look forward to...

IPO and Exts Readiness in the Kingdom | Step Start (Live Stage)

Wednesday, 17th of November | 2.15 PM KSA

Whether you're curious about the current state of IPO in Saudi Arabia or looking towards its future, this panel will cover everything you need to know.

MENA's Fintech Winner | Step Start (Live Stage)

Wednesday, 17th of November | 5.05 PM KSA

When it comes to regulatory adjustments and how the business sector is affected, particularly retailers, the question is: who is coming up on top?

Buy Now Pay Later: Effects On Industries | Step Start (Live Stage)

Thursday, 18th of November | 2.10 PM KSA

With e-commerce shifting consumers' shopping behaviours, it's time to explore new solutions to their needs. But is the Buy Now Pay Later model one of them?

Logistics: Middle-Mile and Last-Mile Delivery | Step Start (Live Stage)

Thursday, 18th of November | 3.20 PM KSA

High demand on delivery is driving improvement of Saudi Arabian infrastructure. This talk explores how more can be done to solve middle-mile and last-mile delivery issues, such as the implementation of fulfillment centres, storage facilities and more.

Driving Deal Flow | Step Start (Live Stage)

Thursday, 18th of November | 5.00 PM KSA

How is the increase of deal flow and deal generation affected by accelerators and VCs? This talk dives into the relationship between funding and deal-making.