Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Gay Activist Fury as Wedding Men Go Missing

The eight men arrested in relation to the 'gay wedding' video were nowhere to be found this morning as their first trial session kicked off, prompting major questions as to their whereabouts…

Staff Writer

Mystery still surrounds the fate of eight men accused of taking part in a supposed gay marriage video.

The men were due to appear in court on debauchery charges earlier today. However legal officials were forced to postpone the sitting after the men failed to appear in court. No reason was given for the no-show, as the men remain in police custody.

The move comes amid allegations that the eight men have been tortured by police while in custody and were forced to take humiliating anal exams.

The vile probe is thought to have found no evidence of homosexuality yet prosecutors pressed ahead with the accusations. The trial is due to be resumed on September 27.

Meanwhile it has also emerged that the trial of two tourists accused of practising homosexuality at a well known Dokki hotel is set to resume today, after it was adjourned on Thursday.

Staff from the unnamed hotel have been called forward to testify, and video footage from the hotel has been requested as evidence against the men who were arrested earlier this year.

The news comes just hours after activists vowed to launch an online campaign aimed at stopping the imprisonment of gays in Egypt. The 'Stop Homophobia in Egypt' group plan to launch a two day social media campaign to promote awareness of gay rights in Egypt.

A message posted on the group's page said: "The Egyptian government is recently focusing its efforts on monitoring people's private lives whether in the bedroom or on their Facebook accounts, and since the police instead of chasing terrorists are going after people for their sexual orientation and gender identity.

"The media has been waging a sensational campaign against LGBT people in Egypt and violate people's privacy by publishing their names and photos.

"Due to of all of this, on September 24 and 25 we will be tweeting and blogging using the hashtag #ضد_حبس_المثليين which means Against the Jailing of Gays."