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Google Launches ‘Grow My Store’ Service for MENA’s Digital Retailers

The new tool seeks to help MENA’s digital retailers improve the customer shopping experience as thousands go online.

Google has announced the launch of its ‘Grow My Store’ service for MENA retailers, a free process that seeks to pursue tripartite ends for local businesses: guidance towards improving their digital storefront, growing customer traffic, and optimising online customer experience to successfully complete further transactions.

Retailers and users can enter their website URL into the ‘Grow My Store’ tool to receive a completely personalised assessment report supplemented by a score aggregated by industry benchmarks. The recommendations are tailor-made and market-specific, complemented by over 100 Google-commissioned local insights at the hands of internal and external research conducted by London-based data analytics group Kantar.

“Retailers witnessed a paradigm shift in the last year; thousands have moved online,” says Ziad Chehade, the Head of Ads Marketing at Google in the Middle East and North Africa.

“They are the heart of our communities and the driver of recovery in MENA and around the world. This is why we are launching ‘Grow My Store’ in both Arabic and English for retailers of all sizes and who are selling online, offline or both,” continued Chehade.

“We are committed to helping retailers grow and reach more customers via this tool, as businesses will be able to evaluate their sites directly and receive a set of local insights and customized recommendations,” he said.