Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Gouna Goes Greener

Gouna is set to become the Middle East and Africa's first carbon-neutral city, but we can't help but wonder if the money to be used for making the resort eco-friendly is better spent elsewhere.

Staff Writer

Gouna, unlike the rest of Egypt is already leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of this god forsaken polluted country as far as going green goes. Just the fact that the streets are clean and there are recycling bins all over the Red Sea resort makes it our Singapore in comparison. In fact it's downright hippie which is ironic considering the amount of opulent waste that goes on there. Now whilst hundreds of thousands of pounds might be chucked away into the marina for 14 year old kids to get drunk on yachts and build up an unearned sense of entitlement that will blight their emotional growth many years later, one thing that will no longer be wasted in Gouna is carbon, woo!

A new deal has been implemented by the Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and the Italian Ministry of Environment to make El Gouna the first carbon-neutral city in the Middle East and Africa. So now when you're downing shots at Bar 10 and feeling guilty for flirting with all the 18-year-old girls, at least you won't feel guilty about your carbon foot-print.
"This agreement will help the Egyptian government to achieve a significant breakthrough in the fields of environment and tourism, enhancing Egypt's global image and opening the door for Egyptian tourism projects and cities to rank among the leading carbon-neutral entities," Dr. Laila Iskandar told Trade Arabia.
Before you all get too carried away and think everytime you take your BMW to the airport, to take a plane one hour to Gouna and think you're being ecologically responsible for vacationing there, take a moment to think of the childen living in sewage and rubbish tips in Mokattam. As of yet, the details of carbon-neutral intergration are still vague but are bound to cost a lot of government money for an otherwise glorified publicity stunt that could easily be put towards more important initiatives.
Enjoy going green Gouna!