Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Hacktivist Groups Join Forces To Attack ISIS

Anonymous, GhostSec and Ctrlsec and more team up to take down ISIS-affiliated social media accounts.

Staff Writer

Hacktivist Groups Join Forces To Attack ISIS

Usually each hacktivist group has their own agenda and typically keep to themselves in an attempt to remain anonymous and evade arrest. However, the threat of ISIS seems to have inspired these groups to unify their attacks against this growing evil. In a post linking to the Twitter accounts on, the hacktivist union called on members of the public to help spread the word:

The more attention it gets the more likely it becomes Twitter takes action in removing these accounts and making a serious impact on the ability of ISIS to spread propaganda and recruit new members. You don't have to be tech savvy to contribute, simply clicking retweet or like could mean the difference between almost 10 thousand active accounts or 10 thousand suspended ones. Help us fight

This statement managed for the first time ever to bring hacktivist groups including Anonymous, GhostSec and Ctrlsec, together against one shared enemy. Working together the hacktivists managed to release 9,200 ISIS affiliated social media accounts, in what is believed to be the largest compiled and verified list ever to be released to the public."

 “This is historic amongst the digital world as it’s the first time these groups have come together for something this large,” a member of Anonymous involved in the operation tells IBTimes UK.

The leaked list comes as part of #OpIsis, a campaign launched earlier this month to target ISIS. Already the campaign has disrupted almost a thousand ISIS affiliated websites, email accounts and VPN connections.

"At this point Twitter is the primary social network used by Isis and is being leveraged to drive internet traffic through all of their other content including websites," the Anonymous source told IBTimes UK. "They will continue to thrive and grow online as long as they have these Twitter accounts."