Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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‘Halal Angels Network’ Joins ‘FasterCapital’ to Support Tech Startups

‘Halal Angels Network’ and ‘FasterCapital’ are looking to support tech startups throughout the MENA region in a variety of fields.

Startup Scene

Halal Angels Network - one of the first companies to successfully enter the lucrative $5 trillion Halal consumer market - has partnered with FasterCapital to provide support to tech startups dealing in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, fintech, Internet of Things, and robotics by helping them secure funds and scale up their businesses.

“FasterCapital will be glad to work with Halal Angels in reaching out and supporting entrepreneurs in getting funded and in moving forward with their innovative projects and businesses,” Hesham Zreik, founder of FasterCapital, said. “FasterCapital will be glad to offer technical and business support to startups working with Halal Angels.”

The online incubator and accelerator services company, FasterCapital, boasts a portfolio of 147 ‘incubated’ tech companies as well as 20 fully functional thriving startups which have graduated from their services. Ultimately, the group would provide a diverse range of services in sales, marketing, technical, funding, and others to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, Halal Angels Network aims to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and startups while inspiring investors to tap in on a sector that is estimated to reach $9.71 trillion by 2025.