Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Here's How You Fight ISIS..German Style!

Over 2,000 mosques across Germany have grouped together in a public call for a united multi-faith front against terrorist group ISIS, in a bid to combat their growing influence.

Staff Writer

It seems that ISIS is destined to remain in the news cycle, as every day brings forth a new story that does violence to the image of Islam, while stoking fears of bloodshed worldwide. Looking to prove that many Muslims are against ISIS, German mosques have invited all faiths to join their Friday prayers to present a united front against ISIS.

The call for all faiths to pray isn't the doing of just one mosque, but rather over 2,000 mosques spread out across Germany. The announcement calling for multi-faith prayers was made on Tuesday, by Germany's four main Muslim groups who have become concerned after an estimated 400 German Muslims have joined ISIS. This has left many in fear that they will return with radical ideas and combat experience, posing a serious and dangerous domestic problem.

“We want to make clear terrorists and criminals do not speak in the name of Islam, they have trampled on the commandments of our religion, and that murderers and criminals have no place in our ranks, in our religion,” the head of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, told a news conference in Berlin.

On the same day as the prayers the groups have also organized peace rallies across Germany, which will see senior officials partaking, including Interior Minister De Maiziere, and Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit. Just last week De Maiziere made a call out to Germany's four million Muslims to be vigilant about ISIS, especially on the internet.

Currently, a 20-year-old German man is being charged for joining ISIS. The trial began on Monday, and marks the first such case in Germany.