Saturday June 15th, 2024
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ISIS Creates '5elafabook' Social Network

Hosted in Egypt, an ISIS social network appeared early this week as militant accounts continue to be shut down by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Staff Writer

ISIS Creates '5elafabook' Social Network

What do you do if you’re an ISIS militant and, y’know, you want to stay in touch with the rest of your ISIS militant buddies and share your latest strategy for more acts of horrific, depraved terrorism or decide who’s bringing the ice cream to your next meeting of minds? Or if you want to give a Twitter shout-out to another ISIS peep who just shot an excellently produced video depicting gruesome acts against humanity but Twitter has shut down your account, along with approximately 90,000 other ISIS-affiliated accounts?

Well, you take to the newly made ‘5elafabook’ (pronounced Khelafabook) apparently, which is a social media network ISIS reportedly created for itself, according to The Independent. The social media network was reportedly launched on Sunday, in an effort to connect the terrorist organisation with its supports around the world, and was created in reaction to the continuous bans ISIS faces from other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The platform was reportedly created by a man living in Iraq’s Mosul though he has registered his location as the Islamic State. Interestingly, the site is hosted in Egypt. According to Reuters, the platform buckled on Monday just one day after its launch. No news yet on the future of the network but many have said it would be difficult for officials or governments to shut it down if it should come back up.