Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Impactyn: The New Platform Reshaping Egypt’s Social Media Marketing

Ahead of its official public launch, we talk to the multi-facted, multi-talented founding team of an innovative startup looking to disrup the way brands and social media users connect.

Startup Scene

How many photos do you take on a normal day? Before you try and calculate, the answer is - inevitability - ‘lots’. Whether you’re a budding amateur photographer, or use your phone to document your day’s adventures on social media, we all essentially use our phones as extensions of our bodies, and posting has become as natural as breathing. But what if we told you that this almost automatic process can be harnessed for something else - what if we told you that a photo of your breakfast in your favourite restaurant can earn you extra income for something you essentially do everyday anyway.

Aiming to penetrate the increasing number of loyally-followed but private accounts, Impactyn is an AI-powered platform that ultimately connects everyone from big corporations to SMEs with real consumers, doing so through trusted, organic engagement and reach, allowing social media users to earn money easily and without disruption to their lives.

Using cash and credit-based rewards, the way it works is simple. You login, see what brands are looking for on any given day and sign yourself up for the campaign, which comes with simple guidelines and dos and donts  - then you get paid for your ‘digital word of mouth’, so to speak.

On the side of brands and agencies, the platform offers a live dashboard that shows instant results in regards to ROI and performance, allowing them to make decisions easily and efficiently with future collaborations. 

While the official launch is still ahead, Impactyn has gone some way to rousing a social media marketing field that has remained largely stagnant, with few new names, few new faces breaking the mold. What Impactyn proposes is something utterly new, a platform that invites more participation, a platform that has the ability to utilise the underutilised and produce results for all parties in a unique win-win model.

Ultimately, it shows that you don’t have to have millions of followers to be a key opinion leader, or to be in-demand, as we found out when we spoke to the founding team and key personnel.