Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Israel's Bibi Has Been 'Trolled' by Beyonce

Activists have taken to Twitter to demand that Benjamin Netenyahu clearly define the borders of Israel using the hashtag #BorderonIt…

Staff Writer

Israel's Bibi Has Been 'Trolled' by Beyonce

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu is far from Crazy in Love with pro-Israeli activists who trolled his Twitter account with Beyonce song lyrics.

J Street protesters started an online campaign entitled #BorderonIt - a reference to the Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. The stunt is designed to encourage Israel to announce the official borders of the Jewish state.

Israel's refusal to state it's official borders has long been seen as a tactic designed to legitimise their land grab of Palestinian territories.

The controversial image - which shows Nehtanyahu sorrounded by two Beyonce lookalikes dressed in leotards that demarcate the Palestinian borders has been circulated both online and offline.

In a statement, J Street said, "Defining Israel's borders would make the settlement issue – one of the most contentious in this conflict – moot. It would give the Palestinians renewed hope in the diplomatic path and demonstrate to the world that peace is possible."

The campaign comes after Netanyahu delivered his annual address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday.

Nethanyahu used to speech to compare Israel's brutal air/ground campaign, which killed more than 200 Palestinian civilians, to current US strikes against ISIS.

He said, "Hamas is Isis, and Isis is Hamas."