Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Israel to Occupy Internet

Israeli PM turned-cartoon-villain Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to join forces with the world's largest largest companies in a plot to control the internet....and no, we aren't making this up.

Staff Writer

Israel to Occupy Internet

Israel is gearing up to occupy the internet after calling for a creepy takeover of the world wide web. The news comes as the country's PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, called for the creation of the global cooperation between Israel, the world's major powers and the world's largest tech firms. Natanyahu told a Tel Aviv conference: "The biggest challenge we face with the cyber world is protecting the privacy and security of the public. There should be a sort of UN for the internet. A coalition of the leading companies in the cyber world…and in my opinion Israel is the most advanced. This project is big and reflects our visions to develop Israel with international cooperation. We all want to see a cyber-world that is open, free and cooperative."

The bizarre claims come just days after it emerged that hackers had broken into an Israeli Defense Ministry computer via an email attachment earlier this month. The crackteam of hackers broke into 15 computers, one of them belonging to Israel’s Civil Administration that monitors Palestinians in Israeli occupied territory.
Netanyahu finished the rant with the bizarre statement "When you think cyber, think Israel."

We assume he means cyber bullying?