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Israeli Dolphin Spy Caught by Hamas

Another sea mammal is said to have been sent by Israel to take down Hamas.

In the latest Israeli animal conspiracy, mass hysteria is revolving around the recently captured spy dolphin agent Dolphin Mcwhatthefuckisgoingon. Armed and dangerous, this Zionist dolphin was sent to the coast of Gaza Strip to spy on the Hamas Sea Elite Commandos. Double Agent Dolphin Mcwhatthefuckisgoingon was allegedly captured a few weeks ago, as the news aired on Hamas Army Radio, noting that the fairly suspicious sea mammal was caught several weeks ago by frogmen commandos operating just off the coast of the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas' political wing and subject to an Israeli blockade.

Agent Dolphin Mcwhatthefuckisgoingon was armed with a device capable of firing arrows and a hi-tech infrared spy cam. The dolphin that was held by Hamas and interrogated endlessly to no avail, refused to name names of other operatives currently active in the area. This is not the first time that dolphins were sent by Israel to capture intelligence, and it won’t be the last so keep an eye out when you encounter these so-called beloved sea creatures as they do have a hidden a agenda, and a gun that shoots arrows, and they’re not afraid to use it, obviously.