Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Jordan's Altibbi Launches Dial-a-Doc Hotline in Egypt

Altibbi will look to achieve 2 million telehealth consultations in Egypt by the end of Q2 2022.

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Considered the first and largest digital healthcare platform in MENA, Jordan's Altibbi has announced the launch of a new hotline in Egypt that will allow patients quick and easy access to medical advice and consultation.

According to the platform, Egyptians can dial 1130 and connect with a certified doctor directly, with payment taken via phone credit and charged per minute. The service intends to offer those without a smartphone or internet connection to access healthcare services, while expanding Altibbi’s healthcare coverage in Egypt.

For Jalil Allabadi, founder & CEO of Altibbi, Egypt represents a key market and he will look to achieve 2 million consultations by the end of Q2 2022.

“We wanted to address the gaps in its complex healthcare system and this initiative does just that,” he explains. “By providing a simple hotline service, accessible to all, Altibbi is enabling fast, easy and affordable access to healthcare services throughout the nation. It represents another important step in our efforts to deliver quality healthcare services for all in the region.”

Founded in 2011, Altibbi boasts over 2 million pages of content, 24/7 telehealth services in seven Arab countries and over 500,000 daily users. In 2020 the company delivered healthcare services to over 300 million patients worldwide, expanded its services to 12 countries and created job opportunities for 60,000 doctors around the region.