Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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KSA’s Wadi Makkah Invests in UK Kinetic Walkway Startup Pavegen

The London-based company develops kinetic walkways that convert footsteps into off-grid, clean electricity, and data into psychographic and emotional insights.

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Saudi Arabia's Wadi Makkah Ventures has finalised their investment in London's Pavegen, which develops and installs kinetic walkways that can turn footsteps into clean electricity. The power generated by these walkways can power local devices such as LED lighting and e-ink screens. They've implemented this technology in 36 countries, including at the 2014 London Summer Olympics.

"We are incredibly excited to work with Wadi Makkah Ventures Company," Pavegen CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook said. "Alongside Pavegen's major contracts recently closed in the local market, the support Wadi Makkah will provide us will be invaluable as we scale up operations in this region."

Wadi Makkah has discussed the possibilities of applying Pavegen technology in the kingdom, particularly in certain areas around the Holy Capital.