Saturday March 25th, 2023
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Kuwait to Deport Egyptian Man Caught Peeping Into Ladies Fitting Room

An Egyptian peeping Tom will be processed for deportation in Kuwait for peeping on a female diplomat trying on garments in a ladies fitting room.

Staff Writer

An Egyptian salesman was arrested in Kuwait for peeping on a female diplomat while she was in the ladies fitting room at a retail store trying on garments, according to Kuwait Times. The diplomat contacted her respective Interior Ministry and the Egyptian offender was shortly arrested. The plaintiff dropped the charges against him due to over-complicated legal paperwork, however, the salesman will be processed for deportation.

Upon his arrest, investigation found that authorities were already on the hunt for the man because he had failed to pay a financial claim worth KD 700 (43,119 LE). The Egyptian will have to serve a jail sentence for the felony in Kuwait, before being deported for his sexual harassment crime.

Sexual harassment in Egypt is a recurring offence that continues to compromise the comfort of women in public. This crime is not limited to Egyptian society, but is extended to the entire world. Sexual harassment is a crime punishable by at least six month in jail under Egyptian law.

Main image retrieved from Amberstone Technology.