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Lawyer Shot Three Times After Exposing Corruption Case

Ahmed Gad, a young lawyer who has been working on a case that exposes the 1.7 billion pound embezzlement of the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, has just been shot three times after he tried to go public with his information.

Young lawyer Ahmed Gad has been working on a case of corruption that exposes Khaled Hanafy, the current Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, of embezzling 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds.

Ahmed Gad went to the general prosecutor with all the files and documents that validate his claim, and later on went to ONTV’s The Complete Picture hosted by Lillian Dawood, to further display the papers he had, and speak of his findings and the groundbreaking research he’s made that’s been sitting at the general prosecutor’s office without being addressed.

He later went on to describe how he’s received several anonymous death threats by those alleged to know his every move and where he resides. What came as a shock, later on as Gad stepped out of the studio, the threats manifested and Gad was shot three times, and is now lying in a hospital bed in critical condition.

Such blatant cases aren’t strange to Egypt, and often the necessary action isn’t being taken to protect whistleblowers and absolutely no protection or immunity of any kind being provided to the likes of Gad is also very common. Now under a new government, in a country that’s allegedly changing we hope actions will be taken against the assailants, and that a proper full on investigation will ensue.