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MB Calls for Day of Rage?!

Marking a year since the ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated National Alliance to Support Legitimacy are calling for a mass Day of Rage on July 3.

Last year July 3 marked the day that the army, backed by popular demand, removed Morsi from office. This year the supporters of the deposed former president are calling for a mass day of rage on July 3.

On Monday, the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy released a statement calling for a mass demonstration on July 3 to protest what they describe as the military coup that removed the Islamist president from power.

NASL's statement goes on to claim that July 3 will be a day of mass rage to put "a start to the end of the coup" that will either lead to the fall of the "losing fascist", or pave the way for days of rage that hopefully lead to a tipping point.

However, mass arrests, coupled with the passing of the protest law last November, have contributed to the dramatic decline in the numbers of pro-MB protesters over past months.

The proposed plan looks to mirror the infamous “Day of Rage” that occurred on January 28, 2011, during the 18-day uprising that would ultimately dethrone Mubarak. The march in Cairo is supposedly set to take place from the same 35 mosques that people marched from on January 28, 2011.

The NASL further expressed their hopes that the government’s recent decision to lift subsidies will be the final straw for angry citizens, and could usher the starting point for “breaking the coup.”

“The raging people are the decision makers and we are behind them, ready for all scenarios," the statement read, adding that they have "accumulated experiences from the revolution to create surprises" on July 3.