Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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MESE: Training Tomorrow's Investors

You've heard of the Model United Nations, but what about the Model Egyptian Stock Exchange? One man had the revolutionary idea that in order to improve the economy, we need to train tomorrow's investors. Read more about it here.

Staff Writer

You may have heard about the Model United Nations, but have you heard of Egypt’s Model Egyptian Stock Exchange? Instead of teaching youth about international affairs, one non-profit organisation aims to provide education about the stock market for future investors today.

MESE was the vision of Dr. Mahmoud Mohy Eldeen. Conceived 17 years ago, the MESE started as a student activity at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS) at the Cairo University. It stemmed out of Dr. Mohy Eldeen’s belief that the only way Egypt’s economy will stabilise and grow is at the hands and investments of trained experts at the stock market.

With no college developing stock market skills, Dr. Mohy Eldeen recognised the need and established this program. During this time he managed to reach the position of Minister of Investment of Egypt, which up until January 25th was sponsoring the program.

Believing the program is too important to fall victim to the uprising, MESE was able to garner the interest of major corporations like Coca Cola, Unicef, and Mansour Foundation, among others, who shared the same belief that brand success in Egypt will rely on the investor of tomorrow.

Offering eight sessions a year, the MESE program teaches participants everything they need to know about the stock market, going so far as creating a mock stock market to give eager learners practice in buying and selling stocks with fake money. At the end of the conference all participants will receive an official certificated from FEPS and the president of the Egyptian stock market. As for the most lucrative investors, the conference will be rewarding them with the opportunity of investing real money.

With Egyptian stock market being so volatile, the MESE program offers an education that not only help aspiring investors, but offer promise of a growing and stable stock market resulting in a more prosperous country for all.

To learn more visit MESE here.