Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Egyptian Man Stabs Wife 17 Times For Loving Facebook More Than Him

An Egyptian man killed his wife in their own home for loving social media more than him.

Staff Writer

According to Emirates 247, an Egyptian man killed his wife by stabbing her 17 times, citing her greater love for Facebook as the reason for his actions. “The husband said he decided to kill her because she preferred Facebook over him and was always busy with the social media without giving him any attention,” a police source told Emirates 247. Her husband was later arrested after the police received a phone call from his brother that his sister was stabbed several times in her own home in Eastern Egypt.

Without her parents’ approval, the young girl went on to marry what she thought was the man of her dreams. “I did not see my daughter as a bride at her wedding. I saw her dead at her funeral,” her mother told the news source. While speaking on a local television channel, the mother explained that she rejected him as a suitor for her daughter, however, her daughter insisted.