Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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McDonalds, KFC Caught Using Expired Meat

The company responsible for supplying meat to McDonald's and KFC in China has been caught red-handed, peddling off expired meat unfit for human consumption to the two fast-food giants.

Staff Writer

Missing your lunchtime Big Mac this Ramadan? Well perhaps this will help stifle your stomach cravings.

Mc Donald's and KFC diners in China were far from 'lovin' it' when they discovered that the meat they were eating was branded unfit for human consumption by the country's health watchdogs.

Shanghai health inspector shut down Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. - which supplies food to both of the fast-food outlets - after inspectors found that the firm was mixing expired meat with fresh produce in a bid to boost profits.

The raid came following a local TV report, which showed workers picking up meat from a factory floor, as well as mixing meat beyond its expiration date with fresh meat.

Husi Food Co. (HFC) is the Chinese arm of the US-owned food supplier, OSI Group, and according to the OSI’s website has supplied meat to McDonald’s in China since 1992. HFC has also provided meat since 2008 to Yum China, which runs 4,000 KFC branches and Pizza Hut chains across the country.

Mc Donald's was last night forced to issue a grovelling apology over the matter.
A company spokesman said: "If proven, the practices outlined in the reports are completely unacceptable to McDonald's anywhere in the world." 

Meanwhile a statement from KFC-parent company Yum China added: "We will not tolerate any violations of government laws and regulations from our suppliers."
Both chains have since stopped using the disgraced meat supplier.