Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Meet the Investor: Basil Moftah of Global Ventures

We sit down with Egyptian veteran of venture capital, Basil Moftah, who opens up about his time in Silicon Valley, the tech boom in the Middle East and his work with UAE-based VC, Global Ventures.

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Meet the Investor: Basil Moftah of Global Ventures

Basil Moftah’s story is one of chance, maybe even fate. In 1999, he found himself thrust into a world he had yet to understand: venture capital. Introduced to entrepreneurship, innovation and tech at the peak of Silicon Valley’s influence during the first coming of the internet, Moftah went on to be a key figure at Thomson Reuters’ venture capital arm, before returning to the Middle East. There, he took front-row seats to the dawn of the region’s own tech revolution and quickly found himself in an opportune position to become part of the MENA ecosystem’s remarkable evolution. 

Since 2018, Moftah has been General Partner at Dubai-based Global Ventures, a prolific venture capital firm whose investment portfolio reads like a who’s who of the region’s most innovative startups, including the likes of elmenus, Kitopi, Minly, Yodawy, Thndr and many others from across an unlimited spectrum of fields, all tied by innovative and impactful tech.

His mission is a straightforward one: to connect startups from across the region to international investors, to back the entrepreneurs that have gone unnoticed by other VCs, and now is the time, as MENA sits on the cusp of breaking out of its internal ecosystems and into the wider world, as he revealed when out when we sat down with him for an in-depth discussion.