Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Ministry Suggests Revoking Citizenship of 'Traitors' Abroad

The Ministry of Religious Endowments is calling on the Egyptian government to revoking the nationalities of Egyptians residing abroad should they 'incite violence' back home...

Staff Writer

With terror on the rise, the Ministry of Religious Endowments is calling on the Egyptian government to take the extraordinary measure of revoking the nationality of Egyptians residing abroad who are ‘inciting violence.’

In a statement released to the press on Wednesday, the Ministry of Religious Endowments express that “We have been monitoring the different attempts to target the armed forces, the police, judges, media personnel, clerics, and public and private property.” Using very strong language the ministry says they have noticed the “poison that is being spread” on foreign TV channels by “traitors and agents who happen to carry the Egyptian nationality."

As the government continues to dismantled the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the ministry suggest that because these ‘traitors’ are calling for protest and further destabilisation, explaining that these agents are saying these things “because they are members of a terrorist group.” If revoking their nationality seems harsh, the ministry goes on to suggest that the government confiscate the finances and other assets of those individuals.

In the same statement the ministry condemns western media stating that the “western double standards in dealing with human rights,” which include defending individuals involved in acts of violence by “terrorist groups” and ignoring “attacks on policemen.”