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Morsi on Trial: Impostor?

The ex-president's daughter has taken to Facebook, claiming that the man in prison is not her father.

Here at CairoScene, we love a good conspiracy, so when we heard that Morsi's daughter was claiming that the footage of her father on trial wasn’t him but an imposter, we jumped all over it.

Alshymaa took to Facebook to spread her theory sharing two pictures; one of her father while he was president, and the other of him during his trial. “The one who is on the right side of the picture is my father, the one on the left is not him I’m certain. Check out well, it’s not him,” her Facebook post read.

Alshymaa pleads that anyone with an eye for details will be able to tell the imprisoned one is “not the president.” We agree with her that he is not the president, but it could still very well be Morsi. They say that prison can change a man, and considering that before prison he was president, one could assume that they aren't offering the same kind of presidential treatment.

The supposed imposter looks thinner and greyer. It stands to reason that they aren't dying his hair, and offering the same meal plan. Of course it is a lot funner to believe in conspiracies, and these days there aren't a shortage of ridiculous explanations for why Egypt finds itself in turmoil.

Who are we to tell you what to believe? So use your own eyes and decide whether this conspiracy is worth fuelling.