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Neighbourhood Networking App Hayi to Expand Across UAE After New Funds

A new $325K round will fuel the UAE-based startup’s expansion of its unique fusion of hyper-local networking and social media.

Hayi, a UAE-based app that creates hyper-local social media networks amongst neighbourhoods, has raised $325,000 in its latest funding round led by Sarya Holdings and Falak Startups. Founded in 2020, Hayi has been digitizing UAE neighbourhoods, bringing neighbours and local businesses together through a close-knit online community.

“Residents are looking to connect with each other now more than ever," Chris Darnell, CEO and co-founder of Hayi, says. "A stronger and more connected neighbourhood can introduce a wealth of benefits to an individual’s day-to-day life, as well as tackling an array of issues which have become inflated these past two years with the pandemic.”

The startup plans to use its investment to expand across the UAE, and make its entrance into a number of key markets. The app uses a freemium model that is powered in large part by partnerships it has made with community management and property development firms across the region, which sees the app as a new way to connect with their residents and maintain a stronger and more well-connected community.