Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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New Developments in Child Sex Abuse Case Against Futures British School

As child sex abuse claims against FBS continue rapidly going viral across social media thanks to one particular mother, recent developments have arisen regarding the case as a criminal investigation indicates the allegations are true.

Staff Writer

New Developments in Child Sex Abuse Case Against Futures British School

A mother took to social media to tell the story of her three-year-old son’s alleged molestation at Futures British School at the hands of a security guard. In her Facebook post, which has gone viral, the parent claims that her son came home from school on Thursday April 7th looking ill and suffering from penile pain; the boy’s genitals later turned out to be swollen.

The mother didn’t think too much of it until he came home from school on Tuesday unusually quiet and suffering from severe anal pain, at which point she started to suspect her son might have been the victim of sexual abuse. Prompted by her probing questions, the child eventually broke down and told her he and his friends were led to a room on the roof where a male worker anally raped them.

The mother’s post has been shared far and wide, prompting other social media users to react by launching a hashtag campaign demanding justice for the children and the closure of the school. The widespread controversy has also provoked the below reaction from the school:


According to Youm7, five children have been sexually abused by the same security guard at the school, and their legal guardians have all pressed charges. The investigation results all implicate the security guard, but the Ministry of Education has launched its own investigation regarding the incident