Thursday July 25th, 2024
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New Uber Plan Allows Egyptian Drivers to Buy Cars on Instalments

Uber Egypt collaborates with Rawaj Auto Loan and Al Tibbi to really take care if its partners.

Staff Writer

New Uber Plan Allows Egyptian Drivers to Buy Cars on Instalments

Uber Egypt has announced a partnership with Rawaj Auto Loan, a subsidiary of investment company Arabiyya Istithmaraat, and online medical consultation platform Al-Tibbi, to provide its drivers with a set of new perks that will make driving with Uber a way more attractive endeavour for many people. Since its launch, Uber’s driver partners have gone up to around 50,000, 70 percent consider Uber their primary source of income, and half of whom hold college degrees. The Uber game is much bigger now than it ever was, and Uber is deciding to give back to its employees.

In collaboration with Rawaj Auto Loan, Uber is providing their drivers, 40 percent of whom don’t own the cars they are driving, the chance to buy their own cars through a five-year plan of instalments, with interest. The number of female drivers joining the platform has also increased, having grown 10 times over the course of six months, according to Uber's News Room.

Aswat Masriya report that Uber Egypt’s General Manager Abdel Latif Waked said that the target is to remove the costly barriers to purchasing a new car by providing easy financing for Uber drivers. This offer has been implemented by Uber in other countries and with great success. Waked also confirmed that he wants 30 percent of Uber drivers who don’t own a car to be driving their own cars by the end of this year which is ambitious, but admirable nonetheless.

Furthermore, in collaboration with medical consultation platform and popular medical app, Al Tibbi, Uber are offering their employees 3 free months of using the service as part of the package.

“[Al Tibbi] application allows partner-drivers to connect with a selection of certified doctors, and get round-the-clock affordable medical consultations over the phone,” reads an Uber press release.