Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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One Bomb Defused, While Another Leaves Two Officers Injured in Mohandessin

Seemingly targeting state and security officials, two bombs were found today in the Mohandessin district, one on Ahmed Orabi Street and another outside the Ghanaian Embassy on Sudan Street.

Staff Writer

Another day, another bomb explodes in Cairo. The latest bombing took place just outside a public service office in Mohandessin, affiliated with the Foreign Ministry.

The blast is believed to have injured two police officers and occurred shortly after news emerged that a different bomb placed outside the Ghanaian Embassy was diffused by security troops. According to Al-Ahram Arabic the blast was strong enough to break nearby windows on Ahmed Orabi Street.

Upon hearing the news of the blast, civil defence forces and bomb disposal experts were dispatched to the scene to investigate and search the area for further bombs. As it stands no one has taken responsibility for the bombing, however many suspect that it was aimed at targeting security forces. Since the removal Morsi from office in 2012, bombings have increased, regularly targeting security officials.