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P.E? For Girls? Blasphemy!

Another day, another ridiculous statement by another Saudi cleric.

We all remember this days of yore when we frollicked around the school yard being mercilessly bullied by a grown man in shorts. Gym class (or P.E.) holds a sacred (or do we mean scarred?) place in many an Egyptian heart. Well, now a Saudi cleric (quelle suprise) has lashed out at the decision to allow girls to take Physical Education at school because it's a waste of time.

Radical Sheikh Abdul Karim Khudayr claims that while he can see the necessity for boys to partake in physical education (why, Holy war, of course!), he is completely baffled as to why the fairer sex (destined for a life of never leaving the house) would want to indulge in such frivilties as football, basketball or tennis.

He said: "Young men need to exercise in order to strengthen the spine and prepare them for jihad. What need have girls for such sports? The inclusiion of sports in girls' schools is unfortunate and sad and perhaps those in charge should reconsider the choice in line with god's teaching."

We can't but wonder if this bizarre stance stems from being picked last at football or perhaps he was beaten up by a girl in school. Either way, we can probably recommend a good therapist.