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Video: Palestinian Children Get A Rude Awakening

Footage of Israeli soldiers storming into homes and questioning children as young as nine in the middle of the night has emerged from the West Bank.

Horrifying footage has emerged from the Wesyt Bank, showing Israeli soldiers storming into Palestinian homes and terrifying and questioning children as young as nine. Hebron, a city located in Palestine but divided between Palestinian authority and Israeli control had its citizens subject to nightly raids by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  It is one of the most conflicted cities in the West Bank and the site of numerous battles, bombings and massacres.

Around 1:30 AM  on February 23rd 2015, the IDF demanded entry into people’s homes violating flat by flat and questioning the residents. Luckily one father recorded the altercation which can be seen below:

The video proceeds to show the soldiers demanding the residents of the apartment to gather into the living room for questioning, even forcing the parents to wake their children despite the pleas to let them rest.

The soldiers who are armed to the teeth in automatic weapons and concealing their faces with black balaclavas interrogate the children on whether or not they were throwing stones at the soldiers during the day time. That’s right; these poor children were awoken in the midst of sleep and scared half to death to be asked if they were throwing stones.

The soldier who appears to be in charge even continues to take pictures of the faces of everyone in the household with his iPhone.