Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Perverting Islam

It seems like every day we see more shocking, violent images emerging from those claiming to be fighting in the name of Islam. Eihab Boraie discusses his mental scars in light of news of dismemberment in Raba'a El Adaweya...

Staff Writer

"Muslim Brotherhood"

It sickens me that these words are bonded, as though to say the people in Raba'a El Adaweya are somehow better Muslims or even Muslims at all. With all the videos I have had to watch for this job, it is become harder to identify them as humans. More like barbaric, psychopathic, animals, foaming at the mouth, drooling all over this great nation. It's a travesty what is happening at these rallies and I still for the life of me can't figure out how western media fail to see the problems of having these kind of people in charge.

Am I bias? Absolutely, but I ask anyone to watch the videos or read the stories I have had to read about things that are happening in the pro-Morsi camp and not be. These extremists who pretend they are upset that democracy is failing them have no right to be involved in the political process let alone be free to walk in society. Hijacking a religion and perverting it to suit your blood lust is about the greatest sin there could possibly be.

I am sure you're wondering what happened last night that is making me so angry this morning. Well, I'm still scarred by the video of pro-Morsi supporters throwing a couple of children off a rooftop and beating their lifeless bodies around the time protests began. I figured they would leave the kids alone and focus on the military that they hate so much. Well, I was wrong and today I was sent another video showing Morsi-supporters beating on a child that happens to be at one of their rallies. By the end of the video the child is taken away by some men and the rest is left up to your imagination. I imagine the beating continues as the men release their frustrations of not being heard out on this child. Nothing that child may have done warrants the way they were treating him.

If they care about democracy and its rules, then they surely know that their is a court process to deal with crimes and that they would never be fit to judge. However, this doesn't deter them from exacting justice. Last night they deemed it fit to cut off the thumb of a suspected thief after severely beating him in Raba'a El Adaweya. Even if the man was guilty, he deserves a trial: isn't that what Islam teaches? The perversion of Islam has become rampant, from Visions and Sexual Jihadto the latest new order from MB leader, Mohamed Badie, that pro-Morsi supporters should stop fasting to give them strength to keep fighting. His logic, released in tweets, revolves around the idea that during times of combat, Islam allows a suspension of fasts. He sites the Battle of Badr, which pitted Islam's Prophet Mohammed against the tribe of Quraish in the year 624. Personally, I am a little sceptical to the validity of Badie saying any of this, as all the articles I have read on the matter have the same source; The Times of Israel.

Nevertheless, the point remains that this is not the first or last example of the Muslim Brotherhood skewing the religion for their own political gains. Now I am no expert when it comes to everything the Qu'ran says, but I do know perversion when I hear it. At no time could it be written that you can break the rules of Islam to serve political purposes. The only exceptions that occur are in the name of Islam is when it is being threatened and no one here is attacking Islam.

Here are the videos that keep me up at night. I strongly advise you don't watch them. The first video is of a boy being beaten and not as graphic as the second video of young men being thrown off a rooftop and being killed. I wish I didn't have these videos to post, but I think it important for western media to know who they are supporting in the name of democracy.