Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Pro-Morsi Flash Player

You know those pesky little Adobe pop-ups that demand your attention? Yousra Said explains why they're a lot like pro-Morsi protestors.

Staff Writer

I was having a casual Twitter conversation with one of my bosses this morning (perks of working in social media) which came of a not-so-serious tweet of mine – just as all my tweets are – about Adobe Flash Player updates. In between my jokes of the similarities between Adobe updates and girls with daddy issues, I had an epiphany. Adobe updates don’t remind me of girls with daddy issues. Adobe updates remind me of Pro-Morsi protesters. Seriously. Think about it.

It only takes a second to get rid of them, but yet they keep coming back for more. Over and over. And over. You either choose to ignore them or you choose to acknowledge their existence. Not that it really matters. They’ll keep coming back.

How do you get rid of the automatic updates? Windows Settings. This is when I start to see Windows Settings as a symbol of the Egyptian military, but I’m not into techy stuff nor am I into politics, so I’ll just understand and agree to the terms and conditions and leave it at that.