Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Qasr al-Nil Bridge To Be Renovated

With Cairo's infrastructure rapidly deteriorating, it comes as good news to hear that the iconic Qasr al-Nil landmark bridge is set to be renovated, according to a government official.

Staff Writer

One of Cairo’s most iconic and enduring landmarks - the Qasr al-Nil bridge - is set to be renovated, announced Yassin Abdul Bari, head of the West Cairo District. The repairs, which include repainting, enhancing, and redecorating the bridge’s walls and lamp posts, will set the government back a whopping 4 million LE, reports the Cairo Post. The official also added that the restoration works would preserve the “historic spirit of the bridge.” However, it is unclear when the authorities will be embarking on this massive undertaking.  

Qasr al-Nil bridge was built in 1869 upon Khedive Ismail’s order; it is the country’s first river-crossing bridge as it connects Tahrir Square to Cairo Opera Square. The four famous lion sculptures resting at the bridge’s east and west approaches, which are late 19th century works by French sculptor and animalier Henri Alfred Jacquemart, have been vandalised by protesters following the January 25th uprising.