Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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RIP Seoudi 1938 - 2014

Seoudi Supermarkets - owned by Abdelrahamn Seoudi - are being shut down across Egypt as the police order the closure of the chain, allegedly due to the owners' political links.

Staff Writer

Egyptian special forces have swooped on hundreds of supermarkets across the capital. Branches of the Zad and Seoudi chains were closed after SWAT teams sent shoppers fleeing as they moved to shut the stores. Sources claim that the move comes following a court ruling against the store's owners - who are alleged to enjoy close ties with the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the chain may have been used as a front to funnel cash to the political group. The raids are thought to have began at a branch in Mohandiseen before the clampdown progressed across the city. Staff at some branches were held by security forces after the doors were locked.

The Seoudi group is also linked a number of other high profile firms including produce company Egy Farms, regional construction firm Urban Development for Construction and tourism company Egy Tours.

It remains to be seen how long Egypt's other household supermarket chains - many of which have similar political links (we're looking at you Fathalla) - will remain open.