Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Rescue Mission to Gaza Zoo

Planning the operation from Cairo, an international rescue team has ventured into the Gaza Strip to save the surviving animals at the Gaza Zoo...

Staff Writer

Rescue Mission to Gaza Zoo

The conflict that has ravaged the Gaza strip has seen its destructive effects extend past human casualties to affect animals as well. The zoo in North Gaza saw severe damage over the course of the conflict, leading to the death of more than eighty animals. However, the twenty surviving animals are finally receiving the medical assistance they direly need, thanks to animal rescue organisation Four Paws. The organisation was finally able to gain access to the damaged zoo and are currently on the ground, providing the remaining animals with food and life saving medicine, as well as restoring the water supply, which was cut off due to damaged pipes.

The head of the Gaza Zoo, Mr. Shady Hamad, made an official request to Four Paws for their help, as the animals had been left without food or water. The rescue team planned the operation from Cairo, working with local NGOs and Egyptian authorities to be able to reach the Gaza strip. Accompanied by a military convoy, they arrived safely at the site. Upon arrival they discovered the destroyed state of the zoo and atrocious conditions of the animals; most of the enclosures had been damaged, several dead animals were left lying around, and the surviving animals were incredibly weak.

The Four Paws rescue team is currently treating the animals and are working on organising more food deliveries and cold storage facilities to keep the medicines and food in good conditions. At this point, it remains unclear whether or not the zoo will be able to continue. In the meantime, they are in the process of assessing if they can transfer the surviving lions to a safe place outside of the Gaza.