Monday May 20th, 2024
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Retired Football Legend Abutrika Added to Egypt's Terror List

On Tuesday, it was announced that one of Egypt's greatest footballers ever has been placed on the country's terror list for allegedly supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Staff Writer

Retired Football Legend Abutrika Added to Egypt's Terror List

On Tuesday, legendary Egyptian footballer Mohamed Aboutrika's lawyer announced that the retired superstar has been placed on Egypt's terror list for allegedly having links to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.

This isn’t the first time that the state has acted against Aboutrika, as in 2015 the government decided to freeze Aboutrika’s assests accusing him at the time of funding the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the decision to freeze the former player’s assets was overturned by a court order in June 2016.

The sudden decision to place him on the terror list has come as a surprise as Aboutrika’s lawyer Mohamed Osman points out the decision is “illegal” as anyone placed on the terror list must first be convicted of a crime before being placed on the list.

As it stands Abutrika hasn’t been convicted of any crimes, but his placement on the terror list will effectively ban him from travelling and may once again freeze his assets. According to Osman, Aboutrika will be appealing the decision. Although, his lawyer insists that the former Ahly player’s assets remain frozen despite the court ruling in June that overturned the decision.

According to Ahram, Egypt’s terror list includes 1500 names many of which are Brotherhood members who were arrested after the group was designated by the state as a terrorist organisation 2013. The list now includes one of Egypt’s greatest footballers a decision that likely stems from his support for President Morsi in the 2012 elections.