Sunday April 14th, 2024
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RiseUp Launches Egypt’s First Retail-Focused Summit at District 5

RiseUp is putting together Egypt’s first industry-focused summit ‘RiseUp Retail’ at District 5 in collaboration with Marakez.

Fadila Khalid

RiseUp Launches Egypt’s First Retail-Focused Summit at District 5

Over the past 10 years, RiseUp has been raising the bar for what it means to be community leaders in Egypt and across the region, consistently organising events that bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptors and dreamers.

From Thursday, June 8th to Saturday, June 10th, they’re putting together Egypt's first retail-focused summit, ‘RiseUp Retail’, in collaboration with Egypt’s largest mixed-use developer, Marakez, at their New Cairo lifestyle hub District 5.

Unlike the comprehensive RiseUp Summit, which covers various sectors and industries, RiseUp Retail will focus exclusively on providing a dedicated platform for retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other industry players to showcase their products and services, gain exposure and foster collaboration.

RiseUp Retail aims to support and promote the retail ecosystem in Egypt by offering specific summit features tailored to the needs of the industry. The event will span two content-packed days, with a third day reserved for either an opening or closing session. While the scale of RiseUp Retail will be smaller compared to the flagship summit, it promises to deliver valuable content and networking opportunities for participants.

One notable feature of RiseUp Retail will be the B2B matchmaking sessions. These sessions will facilitate connections between suppliers and manufacturers, wholesalers, and other relevant stakeholders. This matchmaking process will create avenues for potential collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities within the retail sector.

With Marakez's partnership, RiseUp Retail is poised to provide a platform for industry players to share insights, exchange knowledge, and explore avenues for growth and innovation. The event's exclusive focus on the retail sector demonstrates RiseUp's commitment to catering to the specific needs and challenges faced by this industry.