Thursday December 7th, 2023
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SWVL Co-founder Ahmed Sabbah Announces Departure to Launch New Startup

Four years into a remarkable journey, Sabbah is set to move onto pastures new and has announced his intention to launch a new consumer fintech startup.

Startup Scene

After four years-plus disrupting Egypt's forever thorny field of transportation, SWVL co-founder and CTO, Ahmed Sabbah, has announced that he is to leave the company to start a 'consumer fintech' venture.

Though he has revealed no details on his new entrepreneurial adventure, Sabbah leaves SWVL as one of the most successful stories in Egypt's ecosystem - a story that certainly isn't lost on him. 

“It’s quite an emotional moment for me, yet everything in life has a beginning and an end and after four thrilling years, my SWVL ride is ending,” Sabbah wrote on social media. “The SWVL journey has pushed me, and many of us, to be better than we ever thought possible — from challenging us with intense hard work and executing at breakneck speed to tapping into our grit and resilience. I am continuously inspired by the passion, heart, and hustle shown by all those across the company who rise up to meet every challenge. SWVL has been the experience of a lifetime, and I would never trade that for anything in the world. I will always be proud of Swvl and I will be always hearing about us going places.”

Sabbah is the second of SWVL's co-founders to leave the startup, after Mahmoud Nouh left in October 2019 to launch B1B marketplace, Capiter.